The Ultimate My Pillow Guide

So below I’m going to go over everything you need to know to make an informed decision about the My Pillow.  The reason is because you have to ensure that you get a good nights sleep so that you can look your best.  There’s no point having beautiful hair if you have big bags under your eyes!

Where is the My Pillow made?

It’s made and developed in the United States so it’s home grown.

Can you trust My Pillow reviews?

Some times you can and sometimes you can’t.  It depends.  Make sure you read reputable My Pillow reviews from reputable sites.  Some people do make commissions on the sale of pillows so their view point might have an ulterior motive.

My pillow promo code

Some My Pillow Promo codes are:

  • ML99 – 50% off
  • ML109 – Buy one get one free
  • ML34 – 25% off the My Pillow
  • ML86 – Free shipping

I won’t be updating these promo codes so check out to get the latest My Pillow Promo Codes.

Is the My Pillow a Scam?

No, absolutely not.  However it won’t work for everyone.

MyPillow complaints

Usually they’re about the noise it makes and also the smell.  There are some very specific instructions that you must follow before you actually use the My Pillow or else you will have issues.  It’s not an overly expensive pillow, but it’s not cheap either and no one likes wasting money.

Is it worth buying?

It will work for some people but not work for others.  If you have neck or shoulder pain it’s worth a try because a pillow could make all the difference for you.  If you’ve ever had neck pain you’ll know that you need an appropriate pillow.  Sure, you might waste your money buying this pillow but at the end of the day, anything is worth it to try to get a good nights sleep.