The Hot Tools Spring Iron Curling Iron Review

If you have ever wanted those nice bouncing curls like I have, you want a great curling iron that won’t damage your hair, but will still give you the most for the price. The Spring Iron will give you the features of most other similar tools, but it is a tad more expensive as well. It’s more versatile for many hair types, and it will give you those long lasting curls that you see in the movies.


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My own hairstylist has recommended using any Hot Tools spring iron, simply because of the multi-level heat control and the flexibility. There is a lot that goes into having a great curling iron, such as trying to figure out if you plan to use it daily, or only on special occasions, and what type of hair is it best for. If you are like me, then you want to have a great professional type of spring iron that is used in a salon by trained hair stylists?

When it comes to performance, Hot Tools Spring Irons are the best not only because of the power cord swivel action, which is a plus, but because of the powerful spring clamp and 10 heat settings. How do the Hot Tools Spring Irons measure up? Keep reading.

All of the Hot Tools Spring Irons will come with a one year warranty and weigh less than 2 lbs. They have solid circuitry, and have an 85W capacity, not to mention the Pulse Technology that comes with it. What’s even better is that it heats up quickly for fast use and will maintain a constant, even heat from super hot to low while your hair is being styled, plus it has a pilot light to let you know when it is on.The Hot Tools Spring Iron

The Hot Tools Spring Iron will heat at super high at 428°F and has a super soft grip that allows for secure and comfortable handling. What I thought was amazing, is the fact that the barrel is actually 24k gold plated and it has an extra long thumb grip. It does have a great foldaway stand, and it has the Gets Hot… Stays Hot mechanism that gives it the high performance standards. Since springs tend to wear out quickly after a lot of use, this spring iron comes with 2 replacement springs for the high performance spring clamp.

The on and off switches are actually separated to help allow the rheostat control memorize your preferred heat setting. To keep your fingers from being burned constantly, there is a cool tip that is added to keep your fingers safe. Not to mention the 8 foot heavy duty cord. Now lets get to the Pro’s and Con’s.


  • Amazing High Performance.
  • Multi-heat control with 10 heat settings for various curls.
  • 1 inch curling barrel for optimal curls.
  • The cool tip that is long enough to hold hair and curl it at 428°F and below.
  • Won’t fry your hair during use, so there is not burnt hair smell.
  • Long power cord, that is convenient to plug into a floor socket.
  • Pivoting cord, that prevents it from pulling, snagging or tangling your hair.


  • It doesn’t have an auto-shut off feature.(although it isn’t really needed, I have found that is great for those who are forgetful, like myself.)
  • Can crease hair when it gets too hot.

The Hot Tools Spring Iron, is the best in its class, and even though it doesn’t have an auto-shut off feature, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it. This is one of the few curling irons that are out in the market that actually can create a variety of curls for all hair types, like glamorous waves to casual curls.