Sultra The Bombshell Curling Iron Review

sultra-bombshell-curling-ironAdvantages of the Sultra Bombshell Iron

  • Uniform distribution of heat. The distribution of heat is even, which means that you won’t end up with odd shaped curls that retain the original shape after some time.
  • Relatively easy to handle and comes with instructions. If you are a beginner and never used a curling iron wand before, you can watch the available instructional videos and tutorials on how to achieve classic looks with the iron yourself at home. These are especially beneficial for beginners or those with little experience.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty. If you register the product number within the specified day limit after buying it, you will enjoy a 2 year warranty which covers you in case of breakage or accident.
  • Awarded with a 2014 Curling Tool Editors’ Pick Award, which makes it among the top choices of curling irons for last year. The editors who have voted for this considerate many different factors and this obviously has passed the test of performance and quality.
  • Great portability. The curling iron comes in a bag to be carried with you, anywhere you go—to your uncle’s house or even your work—it’s really that easy and doesn’t take so much space as you think in your bag/purse.
  • Long lasting results. If you are fed up with making an effort to curl your hair, only to end up with semi-straight waves the next day, this one won’t disappoint you. The quick heat distribution works wonders for bringing you long-lasting hold.

Disadvantages Of Using The Sutra Bombshell Curling Iron

  • Low number of dissatisfied customers. When rated on a beauty site, this curling iron received very few negative reviews, which means that the vast majority of people who have used this, were very satisfied with its performance. The negative reviews however, were aimed towards the purchasing process rather than the use of the product itself.
  • Relatively expensive. The curling iron isn’t dirt cheap for some and there is a price to pay for quality.
  • May not be suitable for creating classic (or if your prefer outdated) deep curls as this is more designed to produce modern, deep or light waves and curly styles.


Ιt’s blatantly obvious that the advantages outweigh any disadvantages coming with using the bombshell curling iron and you should definitely give this a try if you want stellar performance and great long-lasting wavy styles.  Compare it to other curling irons.