Straightening tips for the back of your hair

No matter how much you spend on styling products or how well you use them, there’s one spot where most of us just can’t get it straight – the back of the head. There are always a few lumps and curls that stick out and this is endlessly frustrating. It’s never going to be easy to straighten the back of your head, but here are some techniques that can really help.Straightening

Getting Ready

Before you start working on the back, make sure that your hair is completely dry. This is tough to do when you’re dealing with the back of your head and it’s easy to miss a bit that’s still wet. Brush your hair in layers as you blow dry and make sure you get it all. Any spot of moisture is going to frizz up.

You’ll need to set up mirrors well. Use two mirrors – one in front and the other in back, reflecting the back of your head. Move your mirrors around until you can see everything clearly.

Work in Layers

The way to straighten the hair back there is to do one layer at a time, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Start by scraping a horizontal line near the nape of your neck. Tie up all the hair except for that bottom layer and secure it well.

Straighten just that bottom layer, and then move up to the next one. Work your way up from one layer to the next until you’ve got it all straightened. As you work your way up to the top layer, make sure you check each layer to see if it’s straightened before starting on the next one.

Tips on Straightening Your Hair

If you’re having trouble straightening your hair, what might help is to switch it up a little. Try a different approach and it might produce better results. For example, if you usually use horizontal slices, try going vertically. Sometimes what works for the other areas of your hair just doesn’t work on the back because your hair grows a little differently.

Make sure when you’re straightening that you’re getting as close to your scalp as possible. This is especially hard to do when you’re working on the back with mirrors. When you don’t get close enough, that’s when you get those lumps sticking out.

You should be extra careful because even though you want to be close, you don’t want to burn yourself! If you’re nervous about it and you’ve got a straightener with temperature control, you might turn it down while you’re working back there. If you have this problem when using a flat iron, my recommendation for the best flat iron would be the Sedu flat iron because it has a variable temperature option as well as “micro smooth” plates which will make it easier to pull the iron through the hair in the harder to reach areas.

It also might help to try out some new products that might keep your hair under control better. Try something that’s especially designed to cut down on frizz.

Straightening the back of your hair perfectly can be done and you don’t always need to get your sister to do it for you. It’s just a technique that’s a little challenging and takes some extra practice.