Sedu SU-150A Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron Review

I have a lot of issues with having long hair and it being naturally curly. Not everyone wakes up with perfectly gorgeous hair. Most of the time, people will spend hours setting their hair to get that signature look. One of the most important tools to have in your arsenal of hair tools, is a flat iron. I have used plenty of flat irons and was recommended to try a Sedu product by my stylist. I decided to go ahead and try out the Sedu SU-150A Ionic Ceramic Pro Flat Iron. Now Sedu has been a great brand for a long time and have literally worked their way to the top. They believe in their reputation. The boast of being an innovated, durable, and reliable product maker and if you are wanting a great product, that is a bit on the expensive side, then this is for you.

The Sedu SU-150A has a 1.5 inch ceramic plate that is supposed to be ion charged, which means smoother hair, and not as much damage. I have a lot of issues with finding a great hair straightener that will smooth, as well as create plenty of shine without damaging my hair. This flat iron does what it is supposed to. The fact is that it uses tourmaline technology, so it is safer for even the most color treated and damaged hair. It tends to generate more negative ions that have been known to knock down frizz and making hair softer, shinier, and silkier. It’s also able to adjust the heat from 235 degrees to 410 degrees. Plus, it happens to be lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about your arm getting tired of holding it after 5 minutes.

The way that this flat iron is made, actually causes less damage, and it isn’t supposed to pull your hair as you are straightening. If you are like me and have longer hair, then you may get your hair pulled quite often, this is due to the plates not having any springs in them, to cushion your hair as it slides across the plates. This can cause some damage from pulling. The cord tends to get tangled easily and once the flat iron is heated, the whole exterior is super hot, so I wasn’t able to distribute the heat evenly to my hair. Let’s talk about the Pro’s and Con’s.


  • Heats quickly
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Causes silky, shiny, and smooth hair
  • Doesn’t cause damage


  • Way too hot to touch
  • No springs under the plates
  • Pretty high price
  • Plenty of issues with the cord

Although, it does what it is supposed to, the Sedu SU-150A is over priced, and can easily be compared to Hot Tools, Conair, etc. Even though it works great, it tends to pull hair and it gets way too hot to even touch. The handle can get a bit hot as well. It just really isn’t worth the $120 price tag.