Remington s9500 Pearl Pro Flat Iron Review

hair straighteners reviews Remington s9500 Pearl Pro Flat IronThe Remington S9500 Pearl Pro flat iron was created to be used in salons and at home. It’s the perfect flat iron for beginners and people who want to use a highly sophisticated system to tame unruly, coarse and curly hair.

What Are The Features Of The Remington S9500 Pearl Pro

When it comes to well-known beauty styling companies, Remington is highly regarded for its devices. The Remington S9500 Pearl Pro hair straightener comes with ceramic plates that are infused with pearls, not ions, which generate a wet heat that’s ideal for hair.

There are two sizes seen with the Remington S9500:

  • 1-inch (good for thin and short hair)
  • 2-inches (ideal for hair that’s either very long or thick)

Special Note: the latest model is only found in one-inch.

Since the plates come with pearls, they tend to result in a smoother look than the usual ceramic plates. Hair won’t snag and is effectively straightened. Both sizes are found in black, and it has a thin handle area that allows users to easily maneuver and grip it.

Users can adjust the temperature of the device, which goes up to 450 degrees – by the plus and minus button that can be found next to the power button. It’s got a digital temperature readout and is found at the top of the handle on both models.

What Are The Good Things About The Remington S9500 Pearl Pro

Since crushed pearls are infused onto the ceramic plates, it can result in a smoother look than other ceramic flat irons currently on the market. It’s certainly ideal for people who suffer with snags from other models.

Users can easily adjust the heat, which stays consistent while the hair is straightened. It takes less than 15 seconds to heat up, making it the quickest on the market. Best of all, most hair sections need one pass through to get the healthy hair users crave.Remington s9500 Pearl Pro Flat Iron hair straightener for beginners

What Are The Negative Things About The Remington S9500 Pearl Pro

One key issue with the Remington S9500 Pearl Pro is that it does have a problem with keeping its heat, especially when it’s turned up high. If you’ve got long hair or thick hair, this may be problematic for you because it may not stay hot enough long enough for you to style your hair.

According to some reports, the plates don’t clamp down well enough, which means you’ll need to use both of your hands to keep the device shut. This can increase the amount of time you spend to style your hair.

Now the 1-inch model has a round body, which is ideal for producing waves and curls. On the bigger 2-inch model, the body is flat and doesn’t have that ability.  See how it ranks at best flat irons.

What Does It All Mean?

If you want a flat iron that doesn’t snag your hair and gives it a shiny, styled hair, then you want this Remington model. If it’s on high heat, it’s a little difficult to maintain the temperature, especially true if your hair is cold. However, if you don’t mind waiting several seconds for the heat to come back, then you’ll be blessed with your silky, smooth hair.

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Remington s9500 Pearl Pro Flat Iron: The Best Flat Iron for Beginners