Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

Are you the type of person who goes to bed with no hair out of place but wakes up with a raging mess hanging over your face in the morning? You’re definitely not alone. Many people spend half of their styling time undoing the damage they did while they were sleeping. Here’s what you can do to treat your hair better when you’re sleeping.

Tossing and Turning

You may think it’s your hair type or some special curse that’s been placed on you, but most times, it’s how you sleep that messes up your hair. You might be able to improve the situation by changing your sleeping habits rather than using any products or special techniques.

If you wake up with a mop from hell, you’re probably tossing and turning in your sleep. When you do this, you rub your hair against the pillow, dragging your hair against the pillow fibers.

Tossing and turning means that something’s keeping you from getting the perfect night’s sleep. It could be the position you’re sleeping in, or it could be something more serious, like anxiety or insomnia. As well as using the techniques below to keep your hair together while sleeping, you should also address your sleep issues. Not only will you hair be easier to control, but you’ll feel a whole lot better as well.

Getting Ready for Bed

There are several ways you can prepare your hair before you go to sleep. Probably the best method is to tie your hair up into a braid before you lay down. Braid it as high on your head as possible. It helps even more if you then tie it up into a bun and secure it with an octopus clip.

You might also think about getting a nightcap. Don’t worry too much about how bad it makes you look – you’re sleeping! The whole idea is that the more tightly you secure your hair – with braiding, clips or a nightcap – the less it’s going to be a mess when you wake up.

Combing out the Tangles

When you’re combing out the tangles in the morning, be extra gentle on your hair. You’ll break hairs if you pull too hard. Give it a good brushing and remove as many tangles as possible before you get into the shower.

Products That Might Help

Some companies make detangling sprays that you can use before you go to sleep. These contain all-natural products that help to keep your hair from clumping together during the night.

You should consider buying a silk pillow. This takes some getting used to – you might find your head slipping off of it in the night! Silk doesn’t have the fibers that pull your hair out of place. If you don’t want to get a silk pillow, try draping a silk shawl over the pillow you’re using now.

The best approach is to use a combination of the above. Use detangling spray, tie it up, put on a nightcap and get comfy on your silk pillow. It all depends on how bad the problem is. At least try out a few of these suggestions and see if they help eliminate the problem.