Naturally wavy tips

If your hair is straight and lifeless, you probably envy people with natural waves. They don’t have to do anything at all and they have the volume and body that you don’t. If getting a perm isn’t for you and you don’t want to put extra products into your hair, there are a few really simple ways you can get some natural waves going.


The most common method is to use curlers. Roll up your hair into curlers when it’s wet, let it dry completely, unroll, and then comb out. If you’re going to use curlers, try to avoid using conditioner when you’re washing your hair. Conditioner softens your hair and this makes it much easier for it to fall out of the curlers. Hold the curlers in place with bobby pins and be gentle when you’re pulling them out or you may break hairs.

Salt Water

An even simpler method that might work to get some waves rolling is to spray your hair with salt water. Put salt water in a spray bottle and spray your hair everywhere. Once it’s wet, use the blow dryer to dry it. While drying, grab sections of your hair and twist. Again, be gentle when you’re twisting.

The Braid Method

What works really well for some hair types is to sleep with your hair braided. If your hair is the right type, you’ll wake up in the morning with natural waves. There’s no easier method than that! Some people find that one long braid works best, while others tie up their hair into two tight French braids. It all depends on your hair type, so try both methods and see what works best.

Another braiding method that works well for some people is to braid it after your shower. While it’s still wet, braid it into one tight braid. Use a blow dryer to dry it, and then undo it. Don’t comb it out but just run your fingers through it. For even more waves, you can try tying your braid into a bun.

When you’re using either of these braiding methods, the tighter you make the braid, the tighter the curls will be. If you’re hair has a little bit of natural wave or you just want less curling, make a bigger, looser braid.

Fight the Moisture

Moisture has a serious effect on your hair as well. Usually, moisture will take your hair back to its natural state, whether straight or wavy. For some people, a little bit of moisture makes their hair wavier. A good way to control moisture is to tie it up in a towel after you shower and palm squeeze the moisture out. This gets rid of the excess while keeping some moisture there.

Everybody’s hair is different, so try out a couple of the methods mentioned above and see what works best for you.

The Flat Iron Method

One of the other cool tricks that you can use to produce waves is to use your flat iron. You will want to use your flat iron just like its a curling iron. Just wrap your hair around the hot plate of your flat iron and clamp it down on your hair. This gives your hair a really cool wavy look that I just love.

In the future, I will do a tutorial video on how to produce these wavy curls with your hair straightener, but in the meantime just do some experimenting and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the types of looks that you can create.

My favorite tool for this purpose is the Solia Flat Iron because of the 1 inch plates. Before you buy a solia flat iron, be sure to read my complete and honest review of this product.

Curling Iron Mistakes

Are You Making These 5 Mistakes with Your Curling Iron?

Adding a few curls can be a simple and effective way to give your hair a little extra zing, even if your hair happens to be short.  If you don’t use a curling iron every day, it can get tricky.  Here are five common mistakes, and how to fix them:  hair rollers

  1. A too-large or too-small barrel
    Curling irons come in a range of sizes from ⅜ inch to 2 inches.  If you have short hair, or if you want tight ringlets, choose a curling iron with a barrel smaller than an inch.  For larger curls, go with a curling iron with a 1.25 or 1.5 inch barrel.  Use a 2 inch barrel to curl the ends of your hair or for soft waves.
  2. Curling too much hair at once
    You should always section your hair with clips, especially if you’re hair happens to be particularly thick. Doing this will ensure that you don’t miss any spots.  It will also keep the rest of your hair out of the way while you focus on each section.  Bonus trick: Start with hair near the nape of your neck and work your way up.
  3. Setting the iron too hot
    Too much heat can damage your hair, so it’s important to use the least amount of heat you can while creating the curl.  Hair that is fine, fragile, or thin is especially prone to damage, making it especially crucial to use the lowest setting available.  Steer clear of irons that have only one setting in favor of an iron with several settings.  For the same reason, you should minimize the time your hair is on the barrel.  For some people, a few seconds per section is plenty.  Experiment with lower temperatures and shorter exposure times to find the best temperature and time to protect your hair from damage while getting a beautiful curl.
  4. Going the wrong direction
    Curl your hair out and away from your face, in the direction of the side you’re working on.  So if you’re curling your hair on the right, curl to the right, and on the left, curl to the left.
  5. Curling your hair when it’s wet
    Wet hair is far more prone to damage by heat than dry hair.  Even hair that is barely damp will sustain some degree of damage.  Make sure your hair is completely dry before curling.  It’s best if you can air dry it, but if you’re in a hurry, you can finish it off with a blow dryer.  Some people get better results if they don’t wash their hair for a day, while others prefer to curl their hair when it is freshly washed.  Experiment to determine which method gives you the best results. Best curling wand

Hair rollers are back!

Curling irons aren’t the only way to curl your hair!  Hair rollers were a thing of the past, not anymore. They are a go to feature when you are in the process of trying to get ready and really crunched for time. Not only will they give you amazing results, they can actually help you to maintain that beautiful wave or curl that you have been wanting for years. Hair rollers are now a major go to for hair stylists like Mark Townsend, so that is pretty big, especially when he is a stylist to the stars. These hot rollers will actually get your hair into shape, and it works great for creating those lush looks that will make all your friends rollers

Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hair Setter

These rollers are really great. They can give you those huge bouncy curls that make people wonder who your stylist is. They are steam heated, but no idea where the molecular part comes in. I just know that these give amazing curls that actually last. The one thing that you have to do before you begin wrapping your hair, make sure to shake the roller otherwise, your hair is going to be pretty frizzy as well as wet.

InfinitiPro by Conair Instant Heat 20 Ceramic Flocked Rollers

If you are wanting amazing waves or cute curls these are going to be your best friend. The one way that you can get those cute waves is to roll your hair vertically and alternate directions while you are doing your hair. This will give you a chance to get waves that will make everyone jealous of. It depends on how you roll, on what type of waves you will end up with.

John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair Body & Shine Smooth Waves

These 2 inch rollers are really smooth, are actually coated in ceramic, and they have plastic ends that are cool to the touch no matter how hot the ceramic gets. They heat up quickly and will give you loose waves when used all over. These are great for an everyday type of look.

FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Rapid Roller Hair System

These look like something straight out of the future and the base heats each roller one at a time. Don’t freak, it only takes 8 seconds to heat the roller. When the rollers are hot, they will turn clear and then as they cool they will get darker, so there isn’t any type of guessing when it comes to the time to remove them from your hair.

These rollers are great for all sorts of styles and each one will give you what you want when it comes to your hair styling.

hair rollers

Hot rollers aren’t just for your grandma anymore!

If you love vintage things, then you probably own a set of hot rollers. Well things have changed and hot rollers have become just as advanced as modern day curling wands and irons. Many people believe that hot rollers will only give you those Shirley Temple ringlets, think again. You can use them to give you beach waves, cute loose curls, and everything in between. They work well to touch up your blowouts, and much more. These are the tools that every lady or guy needs to have in their arsenal. While it curls your hair, your hands are free to do anything else, like get your day started, eat breakfast, etc. These hot rollers are the ones that I have tried and loved. I have super long hair, and I don’t want something that will damage my locks.

Best hot rollers

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

These are infused with tourmaline and its flocked, so your hair will be more shiny than normal while it is taking form. The PTC heater, which is normally used in your modern flat irons, will ensure that all the rollers are heated at the same temperature, and at the same time. I ended up spending around $100 for these, but they work great for cute waves and lose curls.

Conair Jumbo Rollers Instant Heat Ion Shine

These are a set of four 1.75 inch rollers and eight 1.5 inch rollers. They have stay cool end rings, so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers while you are rolling your hair. The larger rollers will give you those cute loose waves while the smaller ones will give you medium sized curls. The shine that you get from using these are amazing. I never thought that spending only $30 would give me such great results.

hot rollers

John Freida Hairsetter Rollers

I tend to use the 2 inch rollers. They come in different sizes, but if you happen to be really pressed for time and you have to touch up that blowout that you recently had, then simply use these on your crown to give you a fresh look to your style. I also use these to give me a bit of loose waves that make me look summer friendly. I spend around $40 for these and they work great for quick waves and touch ups.

Hot rollers are no longer a thing of the past, and they are really making a big comeback, especially with the newer technology. All of these heat well, give you amazing results, and aren’t really that expensive.

hot rollers

Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron Review

The Sedu Revolution Clip-less Curling IronThe best part of the Sedu Curling Iron is that it is as revolutionary as its name implies.  It weighs almost nothing, making it feel as though I am holding a magic wand that lets me get rid of bad hair days forever.  It’s also so simple to use, there aren’t a bunch of complicated instructions to try to figure out.  I can find the perfect setting for my hair and get the perfect style all on my own.

It also has a super-comfy grip and a heat resistant covering.  This makes it safe for use by amateurs at home.  It heats up fast, so I only have to wait a few minutes before I can start getting the perfect curl.

I especially love that it’s clipless.  I don’t have to worry about the clip when styling my hair, I can just wrap my hair around the hot barrel, and slide it right off when I’m ready.  With regular curling irons, the clip means curling my hair requires more precise motions.  Without the clip, I can get perfect waves and curls anytime I want them.  The curls stay in place much longer than with many other irons, so my style stays in place all day long.

The Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron is not without its downsides, however.  One of the biggest is the temperature.  Its maximum heat setting is very high, potentially causing burns.  If you’re on the highest setting, you have to be extra careful to avoid being burned.  Fortunately, the iron has adjustable heat, just be careful that you use the right setting.

The Sedu curling iron has a heat-resistant grip, but not a heat-resistant carrier, so you may want to invest in a heat-resistant pouch so that you can put it away when you finish with it.  Otherwise, you will have to wait for it to cool before you can do anything with it.  This becomes potentially more of an issue if you have limited bathroom counter space or if you travel a lot.

The Sedu comes with a really long cord, which could be a positive or a negative, depending on your needs.  If you need more reach, it could be good.  If you don’t, it could be a bit of a hassle.

Finally, the Sedu curling iron is a bit more expensive than many other curling irons, though it is a great value.  Considering the quality of curl you can achieve with this iron, consider the cost to be an investment in yourself.  See how it compares to other curling irons.

How to curl short hair


Curled short hair is currently one of the biggest trends. Curls and volume and life to short hair. They can be a great break from your usual straight hair daily look and they can transform your appearance in greatly unimaginable ways.

Steps in Curling your Hair

  1. Have the right equipment to avoid discomforts and getting burned. A curling iron may get too hot and yet you are working close to your skin.
  2. Clean, dry and straighten your hair. Using a curling iron on wet hair can cause damage. You can add some styling gel or wax to help set your hair. Follow this by spritzing your hair with a heat protection spray before commencing to prevent the hair from becoming dry and frazzled. Avoid using hair sprays before curling since doing this will damage your hair.
  3. Separate your hair into sections using a small comb and pin the sections using salon clips. The thicker your hair is, the more the sections you will need. Moreover, if you want large curls, you will need to use larger layers than if you will need small and medium sized curls. For shorter hair, a 1 to 2 inch section is okay to produce medium curls. If you aim for a more natural look, then section your hair into different sizes.
  4. Take a section of hair and wrap it around the curling iron. Hold the iron from your face and roll the curl away from your face towards the back of your head. You can alternate between ironing your hair towards and away from your face for a more natural look.
  5. The width of the curling iron should depend on the length of your hair. The shorter the hair, the thinner the curing iron should be so that you can wrap the sections of hair around the iron and produce fantastic results.
  6. Leave the ends of your hair straight so that they can still have a bit of length and also to prevent the curls from sticking out from your head.The Sedu Revolution Clip-less Curling Iron
  7. Hold the hair wrapped around the wand for about 8 seconds to get tighter curls and for about 5 seconds for loose curls.
  8. If you opted for loose curls, spritz the curls with hairspray to hold its shape. If you opted for tighter curls, allow the curls to relax for a few minutes before spraying.
  9. Gently pull the curls apart with your fingers to get rid of the ringlet look and re-curl any curls that may have fallen out.
  10. Backcomb the roots while holding the crown area of your hair near the part. This will help in adding volume to your hair.
  11. Spray you hair one last time to hold the finished look in place.Best curling wand

Short hair is easier to maintain and work on. Just be careful not to bring the curling iron too close to your scalp and do not curl the hair ends as this makes the hair to appear over-curled. Curled hair gives you a new and transformative look, but only if done well.

The Hot Tools Spring Iron Curling Iron Review

If you have ever wanted those nice bouncing curls like I have, you want a great curling iron that won’t damage your hair, but will still give you the most for the price. The Spring Iron will give you the features of most other similar tools, but it is a tad more expensive as well. It’s more versatile for many hair types, and it will give you those long lasting curls that you see in the movies.


Conair YOU Curl XL Curling Iron Review

My own hairstylist has recommended using any Hot Tools spring iron, simply because of the multi-level heat control and the flexibility. There is a lot that goes into having a great curling iron, such as trying to figure out if you plan to use it daily, or only on special occasions, and what type of hair is it best for. If you are like me, then you want to have a great professional type of spring iron that is used in a salon by trained hair stylists?

When it comes to performance, Hot Tools Spring Irons are the best not only because of the power cord swivel action, which is a plus, but because of the powerful spring clamp and 10 heat settings. How do the Hot Tools Spring Irons measure up? Keep reading.

All of the Hot Tools Spring Irons will come with a one year warranty and weigh less than 2 lbs. They have solid circuitry, and have an 85W capacity, not to mention the Pulse Technology that comes with it. What’s even better is that it heats up quickly for fast use and will maintain a constant, even heat from super hot to low while your hair is being styled, plus it has a pilot light to let you know when it is on.The Hot Tools Spring Iron

The Hot Tools Spring Iron will heat at super high at 428°F and has a super soft grip that allows for secure and comfortable handling. What I thought was amazing, is the fact that the barrel is actually 24k gold plated and it has an extra long thumb grip. It does have a great foldaway stand, and it has the Gets Hot… Stays Hot mechanism that gives it the high performance standards. Since springs tend to wear out quickly after a lot of use, this spring iron comes with 2 replacement springs for the high performance spring clamp.

The on and off switches are actually separated to help allow the rheostat control memorize your preferred heat setting. To keep your fingers from being burned constantly, there is a cool tip that is added to keep your fingers safe. Not to mention the 8 foot heavy duty cord. Now lets get to the Pro’s and Con’s.


  • Amazing High Performance.
  • Multi-heat control with 10 heat settings for various curls.
  • 1 inch curling barrel for optimal curls.
  • The cool tip that is long enough to hold hair and curl it at 428°F and below.
  • Won’t fry your hair during use, so there is not burnt hair smell.
  • Long power cord, that is convenient to plug into a floor socket.
  • Pivoting cord, that prevents it from pulling, snagging or tangling your hair.


  • It doesn’t have an auto-shut off feature.(although it isn’t really needed, I have found that is great for those who are forgetful, like myself.)
  • Can crease hair when it gets too hot.

The Hot Tools Spring Iron, is the best in its class, and even though it doesn’t have an auto-shut off feature, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it. This is one of the few curling irons that are out in the market that actually can create a variety of curls for all hair types, like glamorous waves to casual curls.

How to get loose curls with a curling iron

If you plan to go out or just want a quick and salon fabulous type of curl then this tutorial will give you a chance to try on your own at home. Before you even begin, you want to make sure that your curling iron will give you the right amount of heat and has the right barrel size to produce those cute waves. If you have very hard to curl hair, you will need a curling iron that heats to more than 370° F. I have very long and hard to curl hair, my iron heats to a full 480° F, and I have no issues getting those wavy curls. Now you have to figure out if your barrel will give you those loose curls. Any barrel that is ¾ in and up will give you a loose curl. Curling Irons

Now you need to gather everything you will need. Heat protectant or styling products that you use, your curling iron, a few hair clips, comb and brush. I myself have a bit of a habit on burning my ears, so I use a small cloth headband to cover them.

Brush your hair until it is fully untangled and add in your styling product. This will help your curls to stay a bit longer than you expect. Once it is in, part your hair into different sections. Since my hair is super long, I use 4 clips and do a section at a time.

Start with one section, and then divide your hair using the comb. A section that is about an inch wide is usually the best. Anything that is bigger, your curl may actually fall. Depending on if you want the curl to fall around your face or away, clasp the end of your hair in the clamp at the end. Now, I curl my hair from my face, so if I start on my left side I will wrap my hair counter-clockwise and if I go right, I wrap it in a clock wise motion. hair rollers

Hold your hair in the clamp for around 30 seconds. This gives your hair enough time to heat up well and hold your curl. Hold that position and release the clamp. As you are pulling your barrel out of your hair, pull downwards, not enough to hurt yourself, but enough to stretch your curl to give it a more natural feel and look. Now do this to the rest of your hair.

Once you are done, spray a medium to light hold hairspray to keep it in place and style as normal. This is the easiest way to get celeb style loose curls without all the hassle or the price tag of a salon.

Best curling iron

Remember the days of the curling irons? The singed hair, the ouch from getting burned? Well, they are actually back! They are much more stylish, offering many great options and you can create everything from volume, curl and bounce! Now here comes the challenge and that’s in how to choose the best curling iron for you. This is going to depend on your type of hair and how you want to style your hair. So, let’s take a look at the curling iron alternatives so you will get exactly what you need for the look you really need!

The Curl Type:

curling ironsIf you are looking for that tight, twisted curls and ringlets you want to purchase a skinny small barrel iron, approximately ½ to ¾ inches. This size of curling iron also works really well for shorter hair. It’s easy to get used to and operate and leaves a great, very curly style for medium to shorter hair.

If you have medium to long hair and are looking for spiral curls, you should look to a 1 inch barrel. This iron will also work for shorter hair with lasting curls. Spiral curls seem to last a long time with this iron and leaves hair in great condition.

If you want volume with larger curls try an iron that is 2 inches in diameter. This will give you that great bob look or loose wavy long hair. Volume and shine are at your command. Curls are bouncy, soft and loose.

For figure-eights, waves and loops try a double triple barrel iron. It will press into the hair making this dramatic look. I’m not quite sure what a figure-eight truly looks like, but if you do and you want, this double triple barrel iron is for you.  If you have short hair, you’ll need to use your curling iron a bit differently.  And make sure you don’t make these common mistakes!

Curling irons aren’t your only option to curl your hair.  You can also use a curling wand, hair rollers or hot rollers.  We’ve reviewed the best products for each of those product categories and you can check out our reviews here:

Handles and Clips:

The Marcel Handle, named after the inventor of the curling iron, Marcel Grateau (and that was in 1860!). This style is used in beauty schools and in professional salons. Its manual operation and extra handle operations offers a master control in styling.

The most common type used in most homes is the spring load. It’s super easy to use and manipulate. Unfortunately, they can get broken quite easily, so might want to get something a little more stable for the long run.

A clip-less iron is basically a heated rod that offers great results once you get use to the design. The hair is wrapped around the rod and even comes with a protective heat glove to remove the problematic finger burn! It only takes a few seconds to create great looking curls without the burnt ends once related to hot irons.

What Curling Irons Are Made Of:

Curling irons are now available in many different materials for more professional finishes and removing the days of damaged hair. These materials make for easier operation and will not tangle and make a mess.

Ceramic is probably the number one choice with professionals. It offer a smooth heat distribution, heat spots are eliminated and this material captures moisture by sending negative ions. Over time, it will lead to very soft, shiny, healthy hair.

Tourmaline offers gigantic benefits found in ceramic and emits over 6 times the negative ions to create smooth hair. Tourmaline offers extra shine and extremely healthy hair in a short period of use and time.

Titanium is the choice of most styling professionals because it eliminates snags and tangles. Its durability is excellent and the heat distribution is superb. It’s extremely durable, easy to manipulate and creates magnificent styling results.

What’s In The Shape:

There are different barrel shapes for different looks.

You can easily create those ideal spiral curls with The Cylinder. The Cylinder shape is created for this type of curl.

Conical offers a tight curls toward the ends, wider curls near the roots. This can offer a soft overall look with good shaping on the ends, such as a bob style.

If you want to create really tight curls by the roots the Reverse Cone Shape is for you.

If you want loose, tousled hair you want the Double Barrel. If you like the wind-blown look this barrel is what you need.

For that look of your hair once braided and now loose, you want the Triple Barrel. This is great for adding any number of textured looks.

The curling iron dates back to 1860 and will be here for a very, very long time. Pick one up, play around with it, get used to it and discover what wonderful curls you will be showing off everywhere you go!


The Sedu Revolution Clip-less Curling Iron

The Sedu Revolution Clip-less Curling IronThis iron offers many great features and qualities. The barrel offers a very polished texture that is so ultimately smooth that the iron will seal hair follicles for a shiny look. It curls very quickly so you need not wait for the curl to take. It is designed so the heat is evenly distributed allowing for long lasting curls.

It is also heat resistant so you do not have to worry about the iron becoming too hot. It comes with a protective kick stand and auto shut off. This makes the iron extremely safe to use. It is heat adjustable making this perfect for what ever hair texture you might have or what heat you need for a specific style.

The Hot Tools Spring Iron

The Hot Tools Spring IronThis iron has its traditional spring clamp with a rheostat control which holds the heat in the barrel for a longer period of time. It offers flexible heating changes with a control knob for heating options going from 1 to 10. If you are new to this iron, it is recommended you start off with lower temperatures because this iron will get very hot very quickly!

In safety features, there is a pilot light that will alert you when it’s on. As this iron will hit full heat in under a minute, this is an excellent feature. The tip is extra cool which keeps anyone from burns and offers a safety stand. It has an 8 foot tangle proof cord which is great for home use, salon use or anywhere else.

Sultra Bombshell

Sultra BombshellThis iron is for luxuriously curls with extensive volume. This model will create the curls of your dreams in half the time most curling irons take. Its ceramic materials mends damaged hair cuticles and protects hair from excessive heat. The Bombshell 1 Inch Rod Curling Iron will give you loose waves that go on for miles.

This is not an inexpensive curling iron so you might want to know what you are looking for in curls before shelling out a great deal of money.

The Remington T Studio Pearl

The-Remington-T-Studio-PearlThis wonderful clip-less curling want uses technology to combine ceramic with the smooth texture of pearls. No creases and ridges, it’s impossible to tangled up, just wrap around the barrel, hold for a few seconds and there you have it! It’s smooth and efficient!

You can create a variety of curls from classic finger waves to soft bouncy curls. The digital display locks to the temperature you choose and keeps it there. You can choose exactly the temperature you want vs low, medium or high.

Conair YOU Curl XL

Conair-YOU-Curl-XLThis clamp-free, cone shaped barrel offers everything from medium curls to loose waves. Wrap tightly sections of hair, hold a few seconds and release. Wrap wider amounts of hair for looser curls.  Full review.


With the return of the curling iron, minus all the headaches from way back when, their are some wonderful dos out there waiting to change your look from day time to night time. From special occasions to hanging out at the beach.

The curling irons are safer than ever before with many options that will turn off the iron when not in use to protecting the user from what could turn into a drastic burn. The materials have added to the overall new designs, protecting hair from burning, singing, drying out or leaving a real unnatural mess of curls.

Shop around to find what curling iron will work best for you. Is your hair really short? Medium? Super Long? Is your hair coarse or fine? Take these questions into consideration when picking your next curling iron.

Some of these curling irons will take some work to get used to and learn how to manipulate in order to obtain that perfect look. Don’t despair, get with someone who knows how that iron works and get some tips and tricks! Here’s to great looking, healthy, shiny hair!

Sultra The Bombshell Curling Iron Review

sultra-bombshell-curling-ironAdvantages of the Sultra Bombshell Iron

  • Uniform distribution of heat. The distribution of heat is even, which means that you won’t end up with odd shaped curls that retain the original shape after some time.
  • Relatively easy to handle and comes with instructions. If you are a beginner and never used a curling iron wand before, you can watch the available instructional videos and tutorials on how to achieve classic looks with the iron yourself at home. These are especially beneficial for beginners or those with little experience.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty. If you register the product number within the specified day limit after buying it, you will enjoy a 2 year warranty which covers you in case of breakage or accident.
  • Awarded with a 2014 Curling Tool Editors’ Pick Award, which makes it among the top choices of curling irons for last year. The editors who have voted for this considerate many different factors and this obviously has passed the test of performance and quality.
  • Great portability. The curling iron comes in a bag to be carried with you, anywhere you go—to your uncle’s house or even your work—it’s really that easy and doesn’t take so much space as you think in your bag/purse.
  • Long lasting results. If you are fed up with making an effort to curl your hair, only to end up with semi-straight waves the next day, this one won’t disappoint you. The quick heat distribution works wonders for bringing you long-lasting hold.

Disadvantages Of Using The Sutra Bombshell Curling Iron

  • Low number of dissatisfied customers. When rated on a beauty site, this curling iron received very few negative reviews, which means that the vast majority of people who have used this, were very satisfied with its performance. The negative reviews however, were aimed towards the purchasing process rather than the use of the product itself.
  • Relatively expensive. The curling iron isn’t dirt cheap for some and there is a price to pay for quality.
  • May not be suitable for creating classic (or if your prefer outdated) deep curls as this is more designed to produce modern, deep or light waves and curly styles.


Ιt’s blatantly obvious that the advantages outweigh any disadvantages coming with using the bombshell curling iron and you should definitely give this a try if you want stellar performance and great long-lasting wavy styles.  Compare it to other curling irons.