Naturally wavy tips

If your hair is straight and lifeless, you probably envy people with natural waves. They don’t have to do anything at all and they have the volume and body that you don’t. If getting a perm isn’t for you and you don’t want to put extra products into your hair, there are a few really simple ways you can get some natural waves going.


The most common method is to use curlers. Roll up your hair into curlers when it’s wet, let it dry completely, unroll, and then comb out. If you’re going to use curlers, try to avoid using conditioner when you’re washing your hair. Conditioner softens your hair and this makes it much easier for it to fall out of the curlers. Hold the curlers in place with bobby pins and be gentle when you’re pulling them out or you may break hairs.

Salt Water

An even simpler method that might work to get some waves rolling is to spray your hair with salt water. Put salt water in a spray bottle and spray your hair everywhere. Once it’s wet, use the blow dryer to dry it. While drying, grab sections of your hair and twist. Again, be gentle when you’re twisting.

The Braid Method

What works really well for some hair types is to sleep with your hair braided. If your hair is the right type, you’ll wake up in the morning with natural waves. There’s no easier method than that! Some people find that one long braid works best, while others tie up their hair into two tight French braids. It all depends on your hair type, so try both methods and see what works best.

Another braiding method that works well for some people is to braid it after your shower. While it’s still wet, braid it into one tight braid. Use a blow dryer to dry it, and then undo it. Don’t comb it out but just run your fingers through it. For even more waves, you can try tying your braid into a bun.

When you’re using either of these braiding methods, the tighter you make the braid, the tighter the curls will be. If you’re hair has a little bit of natural wave or you just want less curling, make a bigger, looser braid.

Fight the Moisture

Moisture has a serious effect on your hair as well. Usually, moisture will take your hair back to its natural state, whether straight or wavy. For some people, a little bit of moisture makes their hair wavier. A good way to control moisture is to tie it up in a towel after you shower and palm squeeze the moisture out. This gets rid of the excess while keeping some moisture there.

Everybody’s hair is different, so try out a couple of the methods mentioned above and see what works best for you.

The Flat Iron Method

One of the other cool tricks that you can use to produce waves is to use your flat iron. You will want to use your flat iron just like its a curling iron. Just wrap your hair around the hot plate of your flat iron and clamp it down on your hair. This gives your hair a really cool wavy look that I just love.

In the future, I will do a tutorial video on how to produce these wavy curls with your hair straightener, but in the meantime just do some experimenting and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the types of looks that you can create.

My favorite tool for this purpose is the Solia Flat Iron because of the 1 inch plates. Before you buy a solia flat iron, be sure to read my complete and honest review of this product.