HSI Professional Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

Before we really begin talking about this great straightener, you need to know that ionic is what the hair style industry refers to as negative ions. The ions in your hair are either positive or negatively charged with electricity, which is similar to magnets. Your damaged hair is positively charged and this straightener has negative ions, this means that your hair won’t be damaged, it will smooth it, reduce frizz, and get rid of static electricity.

Most of your average flat irons are made from titanium or aluminum that is coated in ceramic and has then been baked. This straightener is made of pure ceramic, there aren’t any hidden metals at all. Although, because it is pure ceramic, it can be pretty expensive to buy, but why worry about price when you will have amazing quality. The HSI professional flat iron has a high price because it is actually reinforced with tourmaline in order to give it more infrared and titanium.

So what do you get when you purchase the HSI Professional Hair Straightener? When you purchase it, it will come with a free glove and pouch, which is great as well as a travel size Argan Oil Leave In Hair Treatment. The floating plates will literally adjust to any type of hair, which is great as there isn’t any pulling, and what is even better is you can actually use this straightener to curl or flip your hair into any style.

It does get pretty hot with a heat capacity of 140°F to 450°F. That is pretty toasty, but the heat is distributed evenly so there isn’t any issues. Also it doesn’t take very long for the straightener to heat up. Plus, there is a digital LCD temperature control and a 360° swivel cord, so you don’t have to worry about constantly untwisting it, as well as having a built in circuit breaker, an automatic shut off, and sleep modes. Since it has a dual voltage of 110v to 240v, it makes it just that much better. Now lets talk about the pro’s and con’s.


  • Performs just like advertised
  • Cuts styling time down by half
  • No burnt hair smell
  • Manages to reach hair roots
  • Cools very quickly
  • Free bottle of Argan Oil
  • Comes with glove and travel pouch


  • The price is pretty steep.

Overall this is a great straightener, it does more than you would bargain for without causing a lot of damage to your hair. The price is a bit much, but why sacrifice quality for your hair health. The travel pouch makes it easy to transport and keeps it clean from normal nastiness. Basically, the HSI Professional 1 inch Flat Iron Straightener is a great buy, no matter the price.