How to get loose curls with a curling iron

If you plan to go out or just want a quick and salon fabulous type of curl then this tutorial will give you a chance to try on your own at home. Before you even begin, you want to make sure that your curling iron will give you the right amount of heat and has the right barrel size to produce those cute waves. If you have very hard to curl hair, you will need a curling iron that heats to more than 370° F. I have very long and hard to curl hair, my iron heats to a full 480° F, and I have no issues getting those wavy curls. Now you have to figure out if your barrel will give you those loose curls. Any barrel that is ¾ in and up will give you a loose curl. Curling Irons

Now you need to gather everything you will need. Heat protectant or styling products that you use, your curling iron, a few hair clips, comb and brush. I myself have a bit of a habit on burning my ears, so I use a small cloth headband to cover them.

Brush your hair until it is fully untangled and add in your styling product. This will help your curls to stay a bit longer than you expect. Once it is in, part your hair into different sections. Since my hair is super long, I use 4 clips and do a section at a time.

Start with one section, and then divide your hair using the comb. A section that is about an inch wide is usually the best. Anything that is bigger, your curl may actually fall. Depending on if you want the curl to fall around your face or away, clasp the end of your hair in the clamp at the end. Now, I curl my hair from my face, so if I start on my left side I will wrap my hair counter-clockwise and if I go right, I wrap it in a clock wise motion. hair rollers

Hold your hair in the clamp for around 30 seconds. This gives your hair enough time to heat up well and hold your curl. Hold that position and release the clamp. As you are pulling your barrel out of your hair, pull downwards, not enough to hurt yourself, but enough to stretch your curl to give it a more natural feel and look. Now do this to the rest of your hair.

Once you are done, spray a medium to light hold hairspray to keep it in place and style as normal. This is the easiest way to get celeb style loose curls without all the hassle or the price tag of a salon.