Help your daughter’s hair not get tangled in the morning

Every mother loves her daughter’s hair. It can be so fun to style it and fix it up all nice and cute. What you don’t enjoy is the complete rat’s nest it looks like in the morning when she wakes up, and the subsequent screaming and crying that takes place as you try to brush it out!

Some kids have hair that’s naturally thick and kinky. No matter how you style it at night, she wakes up the next morning with clumps of natural dreadlock on the back of her head. It takes half of the already busy morning to comb it all out so that she doesn’t look like a wild child.

Proper Shampooing

You may be surprised at the huge influence shampooing has on your girl’s rat’s nest hair. If she isn’t shampooing it thoroughly, her hair will not be clean and it will naturally clump together.

Does she just lather it up and rinse it off? You should watch her wash her hair a few times to see if she’s doing it right. If she’s not thorough enough, teach her how to do it right. It could be that she’s too young to be doing it herself already. If so, wait another year or two.

The shampoo and conditioner she’s using also make a big difference. Try switching her shampoo to a brand that’s known for being good at moisturizing. If she has more moisture in her hair, it won’t stick together so much.

Disentangling and De-clumping

After the shower, be extra gentle with her hair. Don’t pull at it when you’re drying it, but gently squeeze it dry. If you’re fighting with her hair, this can cause hair breakages and that means more problems. Squeeze the moisture out like you’re wringing a wet towel dry.

You can also try detangler spray. This is a type of spray that you can buy at the beauty supply store. For most types of detangler spray, you use it on her hair before she goes to sleep.

A new comb may also help. Buy a large-toothed comb with natural bristles. When you’re combing it out, comb from the bottom up. Be gentle when combing it and make sure you don’t break hairs. This will only worsen the problem and lead to more hair health problems.

Tie It Up

One other thing you can try is tying it up. Braid her hair every night or tie it in a bun. Braiding and tying take some time but they might save you time brushing it out the next morning. Other ways to stop her hair from having so much friction with the pillow include getting her a nightcap or switching to a silk pillow.

Give these tips a try and see if they help. You’ll save yourself lots of time combing out that rat’s nest each morning and your daughter will thank you for it!