Conair YOU Curl XL Curling Iron Review

Everyone knows that hair is considered the crowing glory, and if you want to look glamorous without having to spend that hefty price, then it is time to grab the Conair YOU curling XL wand. This amazing styling wand can give you those amazing loose curls that are smooth and silky. It is really safe to say that this curling wand is literally an instant hair stylist on its own. If you plan on buying a new styling tool, than you should certainly consider the YOU XL. There is nothing better than having the right tool that can give you waves or spirals that make you feel like a superstar.


The newest model will give you great curls without having all the frizz or crimps from a handle. The barrel does it all by creating the best curls that you want. The cone shaped barrel is clamp free. You can get a variety of curls just by how you wrap your hair around the barrel. If you want loose waves, wrap wide sections of hair around the wand, tighter curls wrap smaller sections closer together. It is all on how you want it.

There are plenty of great features that make this curling wands the best for the money. The advanced tourmaline ceramic technology will keep your hair from frizzing even after it has been styled for hours, and the design helps to distribute the heat evenly, plus there isn’t a way for hair to get snagged since there isn’t any type of clamp. The best part is the short wait time for heating. It takes about 30 seconds to hit that 400° F mark. If you are unsure of how hot that it is, there is a LED indicator that will show the 4 levels of heat, and it will display the 30 second instant heat.

What I find great is that it comes with a limited 5 year warranty, so if there is a manufacture issue, you can get a new one replaced with no issues and no hassles. Even when your curling wand isn’t being used, the even temperature will stay the same. What I find to be the best part of the whole curling wand is the automatic shut off. If you haven’t used your wand in 5 minutes, it will begin to cool itself down and shut off. It’s a great feature for forgetful people. On to the Pro’s and Con’s.



  • Quick heat up time
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Frizz free
  • Capable of making a variety of curls
  • Automatic shut off
  • The curls hold up great without having to use styling products


  • The 3-fingered glove that comes with it, is too big and easily falls off
  • Can burn fingers and hands, if not used right
  • On/Off button gets turned off easily while in use

The Conair YOU Curl XL, is great if you have a need to have various curls. The easy styling and the way that the curls hold up without hairspray, is a perfect addition and at a great price. Unlike the other higher priced professional tools, this curling wand does all that and more.