Hot rollers aren’t just for your grandma anymore!

If you love vintage things, then you probably own a set of hot rollers. Well things have changed and hot rollers have become just as advanced as modern day curling wands and irons. Many people believe that hot rollers will only give you those Shirley Temple ringlets, think again. You can use them to give you beach waves, cute loose curls, and everything in between. They work well to touch up your blowouts, and much more. These are the tools that every lady or guy needs to have in their arsenal. While it curls your hair, your hands are free to do anything else, like get your day started, eat breakfast, etc. These hot rollers are the ones that I have tried and loved. I have super long hair, and I don’t want something that will damage my locks.

Best hot rollers

T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers

These are infused with tourmaline and its flocked, so your hair will be more shiny than normal while it is taking form. The PTC heater, which is normally used in your modern flat irons, will ensure that all the rollers are heated at the same temperature, and at the same time. I ended up spending around $100 for these, but they work great for cute waves and lose curls.

Conair Jumbo Rollers Instant Heat Ion Shine

These are a set of four 1.75 inch rollers and eight 1.5 inch rollers. They have stay cool end rings, so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers while you are rolling your hair. The larger rollers will give you those cute loose waves while the smaller ones will give you medium sized curls. The shine that you get from using these are amazing. I never thought that spending only $30 would give me such great results.

hot rollers

John Freida Hairsetter Rollers

I tend to use the 2 inch rollers. They come in different sizes, but if you happen to be really pressed for time and you have to touch up that blowout that you recently had, then simply use these on your crown to give you a fresh look to your style. I also use these to give me a bit of loose waves that make me look summer friendly. I spend around $40 for these and they work great for quick waves and touch ups.

Hot rollers are no longer a thing of the past, and they are really making a big comeback, especially with the newer technology. All of these heat well, give you amazing results, and aren’t really that expensive.

hot rollers