The best flat iron for 2016

best flat iron best hair straightener reviewsHair straightener, also called a flat iron, is a distinctive styling tool that lets you attain the straight hair look you feel only comes from a salon. Heated plates are used to straighten dry hair strands. A superior quality hair straightener changes unruly, curly hair into smooth and straight locks – until you shampoo your hair.

What You Need To Look For In Hair Straighteners

When it comes to hair straighteners, the best flat iron has the latest technology that makes the device so effective. Now, hair straighteners can be extremely expensive, usually exceeding $100. The idea is to pick a straightener that can last and is ideal for your hair length and type.  Our site has heaps of flat iron reviews.

Should you choose the wrong kind of flat iron, you could be unhappy with the results you get. It could also cause significant damage to your hair.

With that in mind, you need to know how to choose the right kind of flat iron for your needs:

1 – Plate Material

The majority of hair straighteners have plates that are comprised of:

These materials generate negative ions when heated, helping it to smooth, straighten and seal the hair strands cuticles. Each kind is an advantage to the various types of hair:

  • Ceramic Plate Hair Straighteners
  • Ceramic hair straighteners have an even heat distribution and high temperatures, ideal for frizzy-free, shiny locks. These ceramic plates are typically more expensive than plates coated with ceramic. However, they don’t cause damage or chipping to the hair. These irons are helpful for nearly all hair types.
  • Titanium Plate Hair Straighteners
  • These plates have high temperatures and reliable heat. And, they tend to have higher ionic output then what is seen with ceramic plates. These kinds of irons are ideal for coarse, undamaged and thick hair, which is often difficult to straighten out. If you choose irons with titanium plates and have fine hair, use it on the lowest temperature setting.
  • Tourmaline Plate Hair Straighteners
  • The tourmaline material is infused with either titanium plates or ceramic plates, because it cannot be used alone. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that’s crushed up with the other materials, and is best for hair that’s coarse. They decrease the amount of friction while straightening the hair, which causes the ultra-slick locks.
  • Metal Plate Hair Straighteners
  • The cheapest kind of hair straighteners are ones with the metal plates. They have the ability to flatten wild locks but can cause hair damage. These tend to have an unsteady temperature on the surface, which can lead to hair damage and hot spots. They’re not smooth like the titanium and ceramic plates are, causing friction on the hair as it pulls it between the two plates.

2 – Size Of Plates

Hair straighteners can be found in different sizes. If you’ve got long or thick hair, choose a hair straighteners that have a thick plate such as 1.5-inches or larger. If your hair is short or fine, you need an inch or smaller flat iron.

3 – Temperature Adjustment

Be sure you find and purchase a hair straightener that offers temperature controls. This is especially if you’ve got chemically treated hair, fine hair or damaged hair. High heat can result in split ends and breakage. With temperature control, you can minimize the damage possibility.

Remember, the best flat iron is going to be dependent largely on your type of hair. Therefore, knowing how they work will ensure you get the best look possible.

What Are The Best Hair Straighteners On The Market

1 – Remington

This company is highly regarded for producing and manufacturing inexpensive hair straighteners. For the most part, these flat irons can quickly heat up with various temperature settings. The expensive models can include titanium, tourmaline and ceramic plates, which means you can find the one that’s best for you.

2 – Conair

Conair isn’t really considered a premier-styling tools company but the company does make some of the best flat irons seen on the market. It’s got an array of sizes, designs and colors, which means if you have fine hair or coarse hair, you’ll find one that’s best for you. Models are made up of:

  • Aluminium
  • Ceramic
  • Titanium
  • Tourmaline

3 – BaByliss

When it comes to the best of the best, the BaByliss is the leader in flat iron, making sure its products don’t damage the hair. It doesn’t matter if you need a baseline model or something with bells and whistles, the company is where you need to look. They’ve got multi-purpose flat irons, which means you can get rid of the curling iron.

4 – Sedu

While Sedu isn’t widely known, it’s fast becoming popular in the beauty industry. This company offers an array of models that includes titanium, tourmaline and ceramic. If you purchase a flat iron from Sedu, rest assured you’re getting one of the best.

What Are People Saying About The Various Models

1 – BaByliss Nano Titanium Pro U Styler

Bablyss flat iron

This model of hair straightener is extremely versatile, ensuring you comfort while you style. According to users, the flat iron works as it intends to, especially if you’ve got curly or coarse hair. This flat iron model has a one-inch plate that’s comprised of ceramic and titanium.

Now, they can heat up to 450 degrees, making it hotter than the majority of ceramic flat irons. This can result in straight hair but increases the possibility for damage. This is especially an issue if you’ve got fine or treated hair. If you’ve got thick or curly hair, the high temperature can help with the difficult to manage hair.

There are two more temperature settings – 350 degrees and 400 degrees – that you can use to reduce the damage.

Thanks to the plates’ curved sides, you can use the iron to produce wavy hair and curls.

The U-Styler includes a heat-resistant housing, cool tip and rubberized thumb rest. And, because of these features, it makes the iron safe and comfortable to use. The cool tip and heat-resistant housing is extremely important considering how hot it gets.

According to the customer reviews, the BaByliss hair iron can evenly heat the hair and give it a smooth glide. Metal plate flat irons tend to snag the hair as you pull through, which causes them to result in split ends and breakage. The U Styler’s frictionless glide keeps this from happening. One complaint includes the cord of the device. It’s been regarded as getting tangled easily and bent, especially if you don’t wrap it up when you’re not using it.

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2 – Remington Pearl Pro

Remington Pearl Pro

There is no doubt how heavily saturated the flat iron market is, and when it comes to the Remington Pearl Pro, the device stands out as a highly effective, inexpensive hair straightener. It costs much less than what you see with salon brands but give practically similar results.

The Pearl Pro comes with ceramic plates infused with real pearl. This lets the plates glide smoothly over the hair. It uses ionic heat in order to straighten the hair, which gives all kinds of benefits:

Negative ions decrease the frizz and produces shine – the more negative ions it has, the smoother and shinier the hair will be. You can get these results in less time than if you were to use a hair straightener that doesn’t use the ionic heat. Many customers like this device because it doesn’t burn hair, pinch hair or result in split ends.  Full review here

3 – Conair Infiniti Pro

Conair infiniti pro

When it comes to grooming products, Conair is well-known, which is why it should be of no surprise that the company has had a mark on the hair straightening world. One highly budget friendly hair straightener is the Conair Infiniti Pro.

This hair straightener model has tourmaline infused ceramic plates. It’s unusual for a low-priced hair straightener to be infused with tourmaline, which is generally found on the more expensive and professional brands. If you don’t want to spend a lot money on an hair straightener but want a model with tourmaline, then this is what you need to go with. It’s got 10 heat settings that range from low to high, and is effective for all kinds of on how to straighten your hair with the best flat iron

According to the company, it takes 15 seconds to heat up, although many customers say it tends to take a longer period of time to heat up but typically in one minute. The highest temperature, which is hotter than other hair straighteners, is 455 degrees. This can cause damage to the hair if you put too much heat on the hair for too long. Therefore, you need to be careful when using this device on the highest setting.

Conair does have a three-year warranty, where most others only have a one to two year warranty. While it’s not a huge investment, the warranty period of time is great.

Based on the significant number of reviews, the Conair Infiniti Pro ceramic flat iron brings together superior-quality and affordability. A low price and high-tech features makes it a great hair straightener that won’t blow your budget out of the water.

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4 – Sedu Pro

sedu pro

Sedu isn’t well-known with consumers but salon and hairstylists know and use it. The Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic flat iron is one of the most popular tools in the hairstyling arsenals. It’s extremely superior when it comes to effective hair straighteners and can tame even the most unruly hair.

This hair straightener’s plates comprise of ceramic-infused with crushed tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone and has an extremely smooth surface. As a flat iron, it won’t snag the hair and leave it smooth. Other kinds of plates catch the hair and break the strands. Several reviews of the Sedu Pro state there is a notable difference between these plates and other flat irons.

The full review is here.

5 – GHD Classic Styler

GHD Classic Styler

This is a superior-quality ceramic hair straightener that can be found in beauty stores and salons. It’s not as famous as its competitors but it ranks high amount its users for the best flat iron. If you want this brand, make sure it’s not a knock-off.

The GHD Classic Styler is great for any person who wants to pay for it. It’s been created to be used every day and is ideal for all hair lengths and types. The ceramic plates can significantly heat up to smooth the hair and reduce the frizz. Based on the numerous Internet reviews, the Classic Styler can change thick and wavy hair into silky soft strands… and it usually takes one time going through the hair. It also has an automatic feature that will turn it off.