Best curling iron

Remember the days of the curling irons? The singed hair, the ouch from getting burned? Well, they are actually back! They are much more stylish, offering many great options and you can create everything from volume, curl and bounce! Now here comes the challenge and that’s in how to choose the best curling iron for you. This is going to depend on your type of hair and how you want to style your hair. So, let’s take a look at the curling iron alternatives so you will get exactly what you need for the look you really need!

The Curl Type:

curling ironsIf you are looking for that tight, twisted curls and ringlets you want to purchase a skinny small barrel iron, approximately ½ to ¾ inches. This size of curling iron also works really well for shorter hair. It’s easy to get used to and operate and leaves a great, very curly style for medium to shorter hair.

If you have medium to long hair and are looking for spiral curls, you should look to a 1 inch barrel. This iron will also work for shorter hair with lasting curls. Spiral curls seem to last a long time with this iron and leaves hair in great condition.

If you want volume with larger curls try an iron that is 2 inches in diameter. This will give you that great bob look or loose wavy long hair. Volume and shine are at your command. Curls are bouncy, soft and loose.

For figure-eights, waves and loops try a double triple barrel iron. It will press into the hair making this dramatic look. I’m not quite sure what a figure-eight truly looks like, but if you do and you want, this double triple barrel iron is for you.  If you have short hair, you’ll need to use your curling iron a bit differently.  And make sure you don’t make these common mistakes!

Curling irons aren’t your only option to curl your hair.  You can also use a curling wand, hair rollers or hot rollers.  We’ve reviewed the best products for each of those product categories and you can check out our reviews here:

Handles and Clips:

The Marcel Handle, named after the inventor of the curling iron, Marcel Grateau (and that was in 1860!). This style is used in beauty schools and in professional salons. Its manual operation and extra handle operations offers a master control in styling.

The most common type used in most homes is the spring load. It’s super easy to use and manipulate. Unfortunately, they can get broken quite easily, so might want to get something a little more stable for the long run.

A clip-less iron is basically a heated rod that offers great results once you get use to the design. The hair is wrapped around the rod and even comes with a protective heat glove to remove the problematic finger burn! It only takes a few seconds to create great looking curls without the burnt ends once related to hot irons.

What Curling Irons Are Made Of:

Curling irons are now available in many different materials for more professional finishes and removing the days of damaged hair. These materials make for easier operation and will not tangle and make a mess.

Ceramic is probably the number one choice with professionals. It offer a smooth heat distribution, heat spots are eliminated and this material captures moisture by sending negative ions. Over time, it will lead to very soft, shiny, healthy hair.

Tourmaline offers gigantic benefits found in ceramic and emits over 6 times the negative ions to create smooth hair. Tourmaline offers extra shine and extremely healthy hair in a short period of use and time.

Titanium is the choice of most styling professionals because it eliminates snags and tangles. Its durability is excellent and the heat distribution is superb. It’s extremely durable, easy to manipulate and creates magnificent styling results.

What’s In The Shape:

There are different barrel shapes for different looks.

You can easily create those ideal spiral curls with The Cylinder. The Cylinder shape is created for this type of curl.

Conical offers a tight curls toward the ends, wider curls near the roots. This can offer a soft overall look with good shaping on the ends, such as a bob style.

If you want to create really tight curls by the roots the Reverse Cone Shape is for you.

If you want loose, tousled hair you want the Double Barrel. If you like the wind-blown look this barrel is what you need.

For that look of your hair once braided and now loose, you want the Triple Barrel. This is great for adding any number of textured looks.

The curling iron dates back to 1860 and will be here for a very, very long time. Pick one up, play around with it, get used to it and discover what wonderful curls you will be showing off everywhere you go!


The Sedu Revolution Clip-less Curling Iron

The Sedu Revolution Clip-less Curling IronThis iron offers many great features and qualities. The barrel offers a very polished texture that is so ultimately smooth that the iron will seal hair follicles for a shiny look. It curls very quickly so you need not wait for the curl to take. It is designed so the heat is evenly distributed allowing for long lasting curls.

It is also heat resistant so you do not have to worry about the iron becoming too hot. It comes with a protective kick stand and auto shut off. This makes the iron extremely safe to use. It is heat adjustable making this perfect for what ever hair texture you might have or what heat you need for a specific style.

The Hot Tools Spring Iron

The Hot Tools Spring IronThis iron has its traditional spring clamp with a rheostat control which holds the heat in the barrel for a longer period of time. It offers flexible heating changes with a control knob for heating options going from 1 to 10. If you are new to this iron, it is recommended you start off with lower temperatures because this iron will get very hot very quickly!

In safety features, there is a pilot light that will alert you when it’s on. As this iron will hit full heat in under a minute, this is an excellent feature. The tip is extra cool which keeps anyone from burns and offers a safety stand. It has an 8 foot tangle proof cord which is great for home use, salon use or anywhere else.

Sultra Bombshell

Sultra BombshellThis iron is for luxuriously curls with extensive volume. This model will create the curls of your dreams in half the time most curling irons take. Its ceramic materials mends damaged hair cuticles and protects hair from excessive heat. The Bombshell 1 Inch Rod Curling Iron will give you loose waves that go on for miles.

This is not an inexpensive curling iron so you might want to know what you are looking for in curls before shelling out a great deal of money.

The Remington T Studio Pearl

The-Remington-T-Studio-PearlThis wonderful clip-less curling want uses technology to combine ceramic with the smooth texture of pearls. No creases and ridges, it’s impossible to tangled up, just wrap around the barrel, hold for a few seconds and there you have it! It’s smooth and efficient!

You can create a variety of curls from classic finger waves to soft bouncy curls. The digital display locks to the temperature you choose and keeps it there. You can choose exactly the temperature you want vs low, medium or high.

Conair YOU Curl XL

Conair-YOU-Curl-XLThis clamp-free, cone shaped barrel offers everything from medium curls to loose waves. Wrap tightly sections of hair, hold a few seconds and release. Wrap wider amounts of hair for looser curls.  Full review.


With the return of the curling iron, minus all the headaches from way back when, their are some wonderful dos out there waiting to change your look from day time to night time. From special occasions to hanging out at the beach.

The curling irons are safer than ever before with many options that will turn off the iron when not in use to protecting the user from what could turn into a drastic burn. The materials have added to the overall new designs, protecting hair from burning, singing, drying out or leaving a real unnatural mess of curls.

Shop around to find what curling iron will work best for you. Is your hair really short? Medium? Super Long? Is your hair coarse or fine? Take these questions into consideration when picking your next curling iron.

Some of these curling irons will take some work to get used to and learn how to manipulate in order to obtain that perfect look. Don’t despair, get with someone who knows how that iron works and get some tips and tricks! Here’s to great looking, healthy, shiny hair!